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Shandong Heze Held Wacang Merchants Forum

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   May 7, 2011, in Jiangsu HuaChang aluminum Co., LTD. Sales of vise general manager Mr. Chen Xinrun, regional manager Mr. Fan Ermei and general agent Mr HongJi quan organized 2011 annual Heze Wacang merchant symposium" in Heze Shandong province.


    The theme of the meeting is "for all the symposium practitioners, to discuss the future welfare of Wacang in the development of aluminum in Heze to". The vice general manager Mr. Chen Xinrun made a speech about how Wacang will develop in the future, and point a direction for distribution businessmen. Area manager of Jiangsu --- Mr. Su Lei shared the successful case of Jiangsu dealers. The meeting also discussed that how to ensure long interests for processing households that stable prices for system, how to build a distinct distribution channels and how to reference Wacang VI system established in all kinds of Wacang image store in Heze, etc. After the meeting processing households and distributors at all levels signed a new product pricing and an agreement about set an image stores, which provided new basis to continue after the meeting.


    The symposium is communication platforms with merchants face to face, not only strengthens the communication of both sides, but also point a clear line for Wacang brand. Every distributor said they would like to attend the symposium more in the future, after the meeting, Wacang Aluminum also sent Wacang Aluminium souvenirs.


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