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5000 tonne aluminum extrusion machine produce successfully in Hachang

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   In December, with the first large aluminum extrusion profiles smoothly produced from the mould, 5000 tonne aluminum extrusion machine produce successfully in Hachang Aluminum Foctory Co., LTD  Changhongling industrial district. Which marks Huachang can  produce large aluminum curtain wall and large production industrial aluminum.

   This extrusion line use big norms round bubble with 355 mm in diameter extrusion line which can produce 400 x 120 mm, 280 x 280 mm of big specifications hollow profile. And with the United States imported double traction system, advanced gradient element furnace, online quenching device and translation type such as bed, can make sure in quality and customers need to produce the products.

   In order to promote the enterprise products and high precision technology to upgrade of industry transformation, in the early of 2008, Huachang Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd has already begun to build up new production base layout, importing vertical oxidation vertical spraying and other advanced surface treatment production line, build advanced construction of sewage reuse processing system,purchasing large extrusion line, importing the automatic warehousing system, etc. As one of the main project construction of Chang hongling production base , it is 3 year to planning, design to construction, installation, debugging 5000 tons of large-scale extrusion line, invest huge human material and financial resources, condensed the the hearts of Huachang people. The success is a slid step in company's long-term plans.

   Of course, trial-produce success is only the first step in the long march, there's a lot of technical problems to solve in the next step. First it is a higher request to design, manufacture, heat treatment and maintenance the moulds. Huachang has begun the search in die design of the hot finite element simulation and purchase more advanced mold heat treatment equipment, began to reserve related technical talents, the company in this technical level will get a promotion. Second, squeezing the uniformity of the products become key index, now of the gradient element furnace and online quenching device can meet the requirements of uniformity to a certain degree, in order to get further improving in the product quality, not only to adjust the extrusion production process, the introduction of isothermal extrusion technology equipment and the digestion absorption, but also strengthen smelting casting process control, to strengthen the quality of the bubble large control, to reduce the bubble composition segregation and surface defect, so as to ensure the best products n organization performance in the extrusion.

   5000 tons of extrusion production line is a significant step to pilot success of production, it will be a good opportunity, guiding Huachang Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd entered a new stage.

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