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                                        ----BY CHAIRMAN PAN

    Happy new year!On this occasion of the new year,I on behalf of the company by" Hua Changren" to all the staff, to all dealers and all customers, all the support and concern for Hua Chang friends of the community to extend my sincere greetings and sincere wishes´╝îI wish you all dragon auspicious and all the best!

    In the past year,Huachang have made the obvious achievement:We had overcome the external difficulties and make a stable increase in productivity and sales,Especially in industrial usage profile and the building project market.;Delivers the national tax amounted to more than 40 million´╝Ťproduction line is to be moved to the new factory... ...With the effort that every huachang people had share,with the support of the clients,with the support  and care from the society,can we achieved such great achievements.here,I'd like to express any great thanks to your firm support when we came across the external difficulties.Thanks again.

    Look forward to future,2012 should be a good year for us,and will have a stable increase:In this year,we will have our headquarter move to our new plant,and in our new plant we have banner automation production line,advanced energy saving and environment protection equipment,we have good entertainment facility and a good forestation.All of those  are head in this area,At the same time,our productivity will reached to 200 thousand tone annually,and we will be more efficient to supply the market.In this year,the head quarter building and the real estate project in sishui be put into building.All of this,have push forward Huachang into a new era.

    Let's work together,joint hand to make Huachang a better future,and share the benefits that Huachang has bring to us.

    Finally,I wish you happy new year,enjoy good health,happy family,and prosperous cause!

                                                                Chairman:Pan weishen

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